Take control of your logs

The Mezmo platform enables you to put protections in place so that your developers can deploy applications whenever they want without causing huge spikes in spend.

Manage technical complexity

The Spike Protection Bundle

Usage Quotas allow you to set daily or monthly limits on the volume of logs stored. A hard quota lets you set a specific threshold to stop retaining logs and a soft quota triggers pre-defined Exclusion Rules to throttle the volume of logs being retained.

Index Rate Alerting notifies you when log data exceeds a certain threshold by creating manual alerts or alerts based on deviations from historical data. You can easily pinpoint the root cause of data spikes by understanding which sources have seen anomalous indexing increases.

Powerful Exclusion Rules let you manage log volume by storing what’s important and excluding what’s not.

Automatic Archiving lets you forward your logs to S3 or any other object storage for compliance or later review.

Manage operational complexity

Role-based Access Control lets you limit access to sensitive logs and destructive actions.

SSO/SAML provides
enterprise-grade user authentication.

Usage Reports and Alerts keep you in the know so you can manage or stop ingestion as needed.

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