We’re excited to introduce Mezmo: our new name and brand that represents the future of observability.

Meet Mezmo

The name Mezmo is a derivative of the word mesmerize, which means to capture one's complete attention. It’s a fitting name for the vision and roadmap we outlined last year that builds upon the inherent scale and rapid success of LogDNA and expands it into a next-generation observability pipeline solution. Despite all the hype and a substantial investment in tools, so many companies fail to achieve true observability. Mezmo ingests data from multiple sources, organizes and normalizes it, and seamlessly routes it to various teams or machines to take quick, meaningful action. It brings all that important data out of the dark, and illuminates it to charge new business outcomes and solve the most pressing problems.

What's Changing

Here are the changes that you can expect to see as we reintroduce ourselves to the world:

  • A new website: logdna.com is now mezmo.com. Existing customers can still log into our app at app.logdna.com, which will be migrated to app.mezmo.com soon.
  • New social media handles: Find us @Mezmo on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Stack Overflow, and @MezmoData on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • A brand that represents who we are: Mezmo is an ambitious, vibrant, and insight-driven company. Expect the same enthusiasm as you continue working with our team to solve your problems in the most innovative and data-driven way.
  • A new look and feel: We’re amplifying our voice and updating our look to match. Expect to see a new logo and visual identity.

Building on LogDNA’s Legacy

In the years since the company spun out of Y Combinator, it’s rapidly grown. From 2017 to 2020, we grew our revenue by 1293 percent, tripled our team, and made the Deloitte Technology Fast 500. We're well funded, the sole logging provider for IBM Cloud, and embedded across DevOps teams in enterprises worldwide.We are so proud of everything that we’ve accomplished as LogDNA. However, just like our customers, we’re a rigorous and ambitious bunch. We’ve been working on expanding our platform beyond log management to lead the next generation of observability. We’re excited to do it as Mezmo, a brand that inspires teams to turn their data into insights that can propel their business into the future.To learn more, reach out to our team at outreach@mezmo.com.

Unlock the power of your observability data