Mezmo Log Analysis

Simplify how you access and act on log data


Intuitive, powerful querying so you can easily find the logs you need and make sense of them. Learn more.

Boards, Graphs and Screens

Aggregate and visualize critical log events to identify trends. Learn more.

Log Alerts

Presence and absence Alerts to notify you when something’s not right. Learn more.

Kubernetes Log Enrichment

See your Kubernetes logs in context to empower any team with the information they need to troubleshoot Kubernetes apps. Learn more.


Superior developer experience and peace of mind for SREs

Minimize spend

Powerful exclusion rules

Manage log volume by storing what's important and excluding what's not.

Spike Protection

Leverage Index Rate Alerting to be notified of ingestion spikes and Usage Quotas to limit the number of logs stored.


Forward your logs to S3 or any other object storage for compliance or later review.

Flexible Retention Tiers

Use Variable Retention to store logs for only the time that they’re relevant to maximize various use cases and avoid unnecessary spending.

Log Data Restoration

Return archived data to the Mezmo UI for easy viewing, searching, and compliance.

Empower teams

Role-based access

Use role-based access controls to limit access to sensitive logs and destructive actions.

Single sign-on

Use SSO/SAML for enterprise-grade user authentication.

Usage reports

Get Usage Reports and Alerts so that you're always in the know and can manage or stop ingestion as needed.



The Mezmo Exporter for OpenTelemetry allows you to ingest an entirely new set of log data, enriched with and, from multiple sources. Learn more

Operating systems

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