2022 Application Performance Management Predictions - Part 3

IT will break through the single-pane-of-glass control point to drive innovation, enable new workflows, and empower consumers of observability data. Every aspect of IT — from development to ops to security — is under massive, increasing pressure to build, secure, maintain, triage, and troubleshoot faster than ever before. To accomplish their goals, they need data about their apps and systems, which has given rise to observability strategies and solutions over the past few years. However, these single-pane-of-glass solutions become a chokepoint between data and the people who need it. They limit control, provide watered-down insights in an effort to serve multiple audiences, and often come with unpredictable costs. In 2022, the need to drive innovation, enable more workflows, and empower more observability data consumers will come to a head as teams begin to augment single-pane-of-glass solutions with tools that best serve their needs. This need will fuel demand for observability data pipelines, which make it possible to quickly route the right data to the right people and tools at the right time.
Tucker Callaway CEO, LogDNA