An IT Manager's (Re)View of the RSA Conference

By Salvatore Salamone

Complementing the higher-level discussions in the keynote and sessions, numerous vendors introduced IT security products and services at last week's RSA Conference.

It is no secret that modern applications and infrastructures are hard to secure. The wide-scale embracement of artificial intelligence (AI) offers both opportunities to make matters worse (due to the new infrastructure it requires) and the potential to improve the situation. That is an IT-centric takeaway from last week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco. Specifically, keynote speeches, multiple sessions, and numerous vendor product introductions at the conference address these issues.

So, what exactly is the problem? The move from monolithic, on-premises apps and networks to today’s distributed, microservices-based apps running in data centers and on multiple public and private clouds has increased the number and types of vulnerabilities and given malicious actors more conduits to attack enterprises.