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Breaking data silos between observability and security empowers organizations

By Ajay Khanna, CMO of Mezmo
Dec. 12, 2023 11:58PM GMT+9

In recent years, many organizations have struggled to manage the increasing volume of data in their systems, particularly for observability and security teams. According to an ESG report,  organizations capture hundreds of terabytes (32%) and even petabytes (6%) of data per month. This deluge of data presents dual challenges.

First, this data gets locked within certain organizational systems, hampering the wider visibility and actionability necessary for informed decision-making and robust security practices. Second, as revealed in the same report, most organizations (69%) said they don’t gather all desired data sources because processing and storing this amount of data is costly. This is a problem if there's an incident and the organization has incomplete data for a comprehensive analysis and quick response.

Telemetry data, including metrics, events, logs, and traces, comprise a majority of the application data volume. This data can enable observability teams to understand application performance and helps security teams improve detection and response efforts. However, without effective data management strategies, both teams struggle to extract timely, actionable insights. To address this issue, organizations need to manage data as an enterprise asset and bridge the gap between observability and security data silos.