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DevSecOps Accelerates Incident Detection, Response Efforts

DevSecOps (development, security, operations) is the practice of introducing security processes earlier in the software development life cycle. Development and operations teams are trained to implement the proper security standards, or in other cases, security professionals are added to these teams to ensure the proper security protocols are included with the automated testing of applications for common vulnerabilities.

Leaving software vulnerabilities unpatched is one of the common causes of data breaches. If development and operations teams add a formal set of security procedures to the testing automation process, it can help discover any vulnerabilities in the code before it is accessible to the public, so developers aren’t left scrambling to remediate a vulnerability that has become a threat.

In addition to discovering vulnerabilities, a DevSecOps approach has other benefits. It helps developers understand how applications can be hacked so they can write code with fewer bugs and risks. And it can meet compliance standards, as testing, patching, and monitoring applications are components of cybersecurity requirements.