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Down the Observability Pipeline with Mezmo

(Adrian Bridgwater) Today, observability doesn’t just happen and it doesn’t just happen in one place, which is why we can now talk about the existence of observability pipelines i.e. the passage of observability from first inception though a series of processes designed to enrich, clarify, validate, analyze, visualize and contextualize observability data in relation to real-world (often real-time) data flows across typically hybrid increasingly cloud-native environments.

Aiming to put some much-needed product into this space is Mezmo, an observability data platform provider that has in recent months come forward with its formalized (i.e. branded) Observability Pipeline service. This technology, as it sounds, is designed to provide software application development teams with a route to control, enrich and correlate machine data as it is ‘observed’ to function inside live production enterprise software environments.