IBM Talks AIOps Potential at Digital Developer Conference

Possible benefits of using AI to streamline development and operations led the first day of this week’s IBM AIOps & Integration Digital Developer Conference. In her keynote session, Rama Akkiraju, IBM’s CTO of AI for IT operations, discussed how AI might be leveraged for IT operations management and to reduce time teams spend fixing issues.

An IT operations manager, for example, might use “best of breed” tools from disparate sources that do not seamlessly communicate with each other, she said. They might monitor metrics of application for generating alerts through PagerDuty, manage logs through LogDNA, and manage trouble tickets through ServiceNow. If an issue arises that triggers multiple alerts, Akkiraju said the IT ops manager may have to copy and paste information from each resource as they try to figure out what the root problem is and find a lasting fix. This can lead to extensive back-and-forth discussions with other colleagues and experts, she said, costing time and money.