Inside Report: The Observability Challenge by LogDNA

Inside Report: The Observability Challenge by LogDNA

LogDNA released The Observability Challenge report last week. The report is based on a survey by The Harris Poll conducted among 200 senior engineering professionals responsible for observability and log data management in U.S. companies.


  • Around 66% of the companies spend $100,000 or more on observability tools, and 38% spend more than $300,000.
  • Dissatisfaction with observability tools is high among companies that spend more. 61% of those spending more than $300,000 and 53% of those spending between $100,000 and $300,000 wish they had different observability.
  • Enterprises use three or more tools on average to access their log data. The number is higher among companies spending more.
  • 66% of the respondents say their logging tools are not easy to use,  67% responded that it is difficult to collaborate, and 58% find it challenging to route security events.
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