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Inside the VP of Sales' Journey: Financial Software to AI Startups - Craig McAndrews Spills it all!

Join us in this episode of CROs in a Cybertruck  as we discuss insights on the Cybertruck test drive with Craig McAndrews, the VP of Sales at Mezmo, including the future of cybersecurity conferences, the significance of sales development teams, and the dynamics of industry valuations.In this video, we cover:

- Craig McAndrews' experience at RSA conferences and the evolution of cybersecurity events
- The role and impact of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) in the sales process
- Comparing the valuations and potential growth of Palo Alto Networks and Wiz following recent funding announcements
- Tips on strategic approaches to cybersecurity exhibitions and partner meetings
- Insights on effective and ineffective sales and marketing strategies in the tech industry.