LogDNA Adds Usage Quota Tools to Help Control Costs

By Mike Vizard

LogDNA announced today it will enable IT teams to apply usage quotas to help rein in log management costs. Tucker Callaway, CEO, LogDNA, said as applications become more complex – thanks, in part, to the rise of microservices – the amount of log data that a DevOps team can collect has significantly increased. IT teams can now assign DevOps teams both hard and soft quotas to limit the amount of log data collected during a specific time period, Callaway said.IT teams can set a daily or monthly hard limit on the volume of logs stored or, alternatively, they can also set soft daily or monthly quotas that can apply throttling logic to ensure mission-critical log data will continue flowing through LogDNA as usage volume approaches the limit threshold. It will then be up to each IT team to determine, based on the tasks at hand, whether to enable a DevOps team to exceed those thresholds, Callaway said.