LogDNA Agent 3.2 Announced

LogDNA announced a new form of exclusion rules with the general availability of the LogDNA Agent 3.2.

This release introduces the configuration of log inclusion/exclusion rules, along with log redaction, using regex patterns. These enhancements give developers more control over what data leaves their system, and what data is ingested by LogDNA.

The LogDNA Agent is a powerful way for developers and SREs to aggregate logs from their many applications and services into an easy-to-use web interface. With only 3 kubectl commands, the installation process is quick and simple to complete for any number of connected systems.

With log inclusion/exclusion via regex, logs with certain patterns will either always be sent or never be sent. This means that you can guarantee that "error" type logs are always sent or that"`200" response code logs can always be ignored.

With redaction via regex, the parts of the log line matching the regex pattern will be replaced with `[REDACTED]` allowing engineering organizations peace of mind that hyper-sensitive PII do not leave their systems while still ensuring the rest of the log data can be sent and used for debugging and analysis. A regex template guide with patterns for the most widely used PII is also included.