LogDNA Named Top 3 Observability Platform by EMA

LogDNA, the leading log management observability platform, today announced that it has been named by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, as a Top 3 product in its “Top 3 Decision Guide for Observability Platforms in 2021report.

According to the report, observability is the number one DevOps challenge in 2021, followed closely by availability and security. This is a direct result of the rapidly increasing complexity introduced by the adoption of mostly autonomous product teams, distributed application architecture, and a hybrid multi-cloud operating model.

“The increased complexity in infrastructure is generating a deluge of machine data that is immensely valuable when the right people can quickly glean insights. However, EMA estimates that DevOps teams spend half their time searching for decision-relevant data, which has a detrimental impact on business,” said Tucker Callaway, CEO, LogDNA. “LogDNA has invested in optimizing the ingestion pipeline to solve observability challenges. This report demonstrates our leadership in the market and strong demand for our solutions.”

Cloud native and built for scale, LogDNA provides DevOps teams with simple access and analysis of massively complex log analytics data coming from distributed cloud-native application stacks. The platform can ingest, process, route, and analyze petabytes of log data for customers, and store that data at an affordable rate. LogDNA serves as a single source of truth across teams, so companies can better manage and scale applications to accelerate troubleshooting, control costs, increase productivity, and improve collaboration across an organization.

“EMA selects its Top 3 products based on the analysis of priorities and real-world challenges experienced by software developers, IT operators, DevOps engineers, and security professionals,” said Torsten Volk, managing research director, EMA. “The EMA Top 3 award-winning products in this category, including LogDNA, help enterprises close any observability blind spots to enhance staff productivity and minimize operational risk.”

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) presents its EMA Top 3 Awards to software products that help enterprises reach their digital transformation goals by optimizing product quality, time to market, cost, and ability to innovate. Learn more on the LogDNA blog or download the full report.