NGINX and Kubernetes Template Library

LogDNA, the leading log management solution for DevOps teams, today released new templates for DevOps teams using NGINX with Kubernetes. Configured specifically for the open source and NGINX Plus-based versions of NGINX Ingress Controller, these templates ensure that developers can use best practices to quickly gain visibility into their Kubernetes Ingress logs, allowing them to create an end-to-end view of their data across all systems for easier monitoring and troubleshooting.

“Kubernetes clusters produce a lot of data. This is good because more data means more visibility into the environment, but it’s important that our customers have shortcuts to actionability that save them time,” said Peter Cho, vice president of product, LogDNA. “The NGINX Ingress Controller template can be set up in minutes, making it easy for users to quickly gain value from our platform. They spend less time with manual configurations so they can get back to building features and products that benefit their businesses.”