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Expanded Template Library for NGINX and Kubernetes

LogDNA released new templates for DevOps teams using NGINX with Kubernetes. Configured specifically for the open source and NGINX Plus-based versions of NGINX Ingress Controller, these templates ensure that developers can use best practices to quickly gain visibility into their Kubernetes Ingress logs, allowing them to create an end-to-end view of their data across all systems for easier monitoring and troubleshooting.

LogDNA Template Library is a growing collection of Views, Boards, and Screens templates to simply install into a user's LogDNA account with just a few clicks. The library also includes web server templates for Apache, Heroku templates for Dynos and web apps, and Windows Security templates for events via NXLog. These make it easy for LogDNA customers to leverage best practices without having to fiddle with log line formats, manually configure alert conditions, or figure out which metrics to prioritize and plot. Templates also ensure that users get the maximum benefit from using multiple platforms together.