Spike Protection Gives Organizations Control Of Data

Mezmo (then LogDNA) unveiled Spike Protection to give companies more control over fluctuations in their data and spend. With these new capabilities, development and operations teams have the freedom to rapidly deploy applications with guardrails in place to know if their ingestion spikes as a result.

The Spike Protection bundle includes:

Index Rate Alerting—The latest in Mezmo's set of tools to enable engineers with controls, Index Rate Alerting notifies users when log data exceeds a certain threshold by setting maximum threshold alerts or alerts based on deviations from historical data. Mezmo monitors index rates from the past 30 days to understand what is ‘normal’ for an organization, and will trigger an alert when spikes occur. Index Rate Alerting also provides insights into which sources have seen anomalous indexing increases—such as new software releases or unexpected increases in application usage—making it easier to pinpoint the root cause of data spikes. Mezmo's usage dashboard page also provides access to this and all data associated with all the apps and sources in the organization.

Usage Quotas—Launched in March 2021, Usage Quotas allows developers to set daily or monthly limits on the volume of logs stored and gives them more granular control over their data. A hard quota lets teams set specific thresholds to stop retaining logs and a soft quota lets them throttle the amount of logs being retained as they approach the hard threshold, and even allows users to go over if the data is considered mission critical.