LogDNA unveils log streaming for observability data


Log management startup LogDNA Inc. today unveiled its upcoming observability data streaming service that will enable enterprise DevOps teams to send data in real time directly to outside tools.

LogDNA provides a platform that can ingest, parse and normalize massive amounts of log data into a centralized platform so it can be indexed and searched easily in one place. Developers, engineers and DevOps teams are provided dashboards to visualize and filter through numerous logs in order to understand system activity and create actionable insights.

With LogDNA Streaming, log data can be automatically routed to observability applications to make real-time monitoring easier. Using LogDNA’s Data Ingestion Pipeline, DevOps teams need only point all the logs they want to monitor at the platform and it will do the rest, according to the company.

“Building upon LogDNA’s ability to ingest and normalize massive volumes of log data, we’ve now made it possible to route that vital data for a wide range of use cases, from application development and troubleshooting to cybersecurity and compliance,” said Tucker Callaway, chief executive of LogDNA.

Providing the ability to do searches and visualize data in dashboards can only go so far when it comes to observability. If a search takes four hours to complete, it’s going to miss out on four hours of incoming data by the time it finishes.

That can still be useful for understanding long-term trends and smoothing out bugs. However, if something is going wrong now, DevOps teams want the most up-to-date data sent to observability platforms and analysis tools so they can react quickly.

LogDNA said one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies uses its platform to monitor robots in its warehouses. Its DevOps teams use the platform to centralize logs from internet of things sensors embedded in them in order to troubleshoot problems as they happen in the field. About 75% of the employees in the robotics division have access to the logs through streamed data, which makes it possible to stay on top of issues.

“With the rise of cloud-native infrastructure and soaring data volumes, enterprises continue to make difficult sacrifices around how to use all of their machine data while controlling costs,” said Callaway.

LogDNA is preparing the Streaming service for general availability and is giving early access to a limited number of users.