LogDNA with Portworx Helps Improve DevOps Efficiency

LogDNA knows what developers enjoy doing most—innovating. The company’s groundbreaking software aggregates all of a DevOps team’s system and application logs onto a single platform, making them easier to manage and quicker to fix. After extensive market research, the LogDNA team turned to Portworx® to simplify and streamline its storage infrastructure. With less time spent troubleshooting IT plumbing, developers can focus on their strengths: writing code and bringing new services to market.  

What’s more, this approach empowers DevOps teams to increase their contributions to their organization’s bottom line by building a software foundation that drives efficiency and growth. Since launching in 2015, LogDNA’s powerful message has attracted thousands of customers across industries, including IBM Cloud, Asics, and Lime. The company’s technology has also won numerous awards and earned it a spot on the Forbes 2019 Cloud 100 Rising Stars list.