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Mezmo: Adding In-Stream Alert Capabilities to Telemetry Pipeline Platform

By Jason Bloomberg

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update

We’ve covered Mezmo several times, most recently in April 2023.

At that time, the company had fleshed out its telemetry pipeline offering, which ingests, transforms, and routes telemetry data from multiple sources, delivering it to multiple destinations including observability tools, public cloud storage, and more.

Mezmo is now adding in-stream alert capabilities to its telemetry pipeline-based observability data platform.

This capability leverages stateful processing within telemetry data streams to detect variations in data while comparing data in motion to metrics thresholds.

In-stream alerts can then identify when data metrics or changes in metrics cross particular thresholds as well as when some expected event doesn’t occur.

Mezmo’s in-stream alert capabilities augment its existing ability to understand, optimize, and respond to real-time telemetry data flows.