See how you can save 70% of the cost by reducing log volume and staying compliant.

Mezmo Empowers Enterprises to Extract Business Insights from Telemetry Data

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mezmo, the leading observability data platform, today unveiled new capabilities to surface critical business insights while reducing observability costs by as much as 70%. Mezmo’s Telemetry Pipeline now includes more integrations, easy-to-use processors, and enterprise controls that deliver a comprehensive approach to optimize data usage, enabling businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Operational telemetry data can be extremely valuable for business, but it has become so voluminous and complex that separating the signal from the noise is nearly impossible. Routing data, with no controls, to traditional tools for analytics is cumbersome and costly. A recent Pulse Report shows that 75% of companies rank data aggregation and summarization as a top priority, believing it would increase resource efficiency and help control spending. Mezmo transforms observability for SRE and DevOps teams, empowering them to filter out noise, dramatically reduce costs, and unleash their telemetry data's true potential.

“Mezmo’s Telemetry Pipeline addresses challenges that have long plagued enterprises in managing telemetry data efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Tucker Callaway, CEO of Mezmo. “Combined, these new features enable a step-by-step approach to decrease data volume and cost while maximizing signals for business insights. Mezmo continues to innovate and deliver solutions to give our customers a competitive edge.”

Mezmo’s Telemetry Pipeline’s new capabilities help users significantly decrease observability costs, expand the usefulness of the telemetry data and improve the performance of their observability platforms.