Mezmo Introduces Data Profiling and Responsive Telemetry Pipelines for Kubernetes

Mezmo unveiled data profiling and responsive pipelines for Kubernetes telemetry data.

Now, site reliability engineers (SREs), platform engineers, and other infrastructure teams can understand telemetry data clearly, optimize with ease, and respond to incidents rapidly — ultimately cuttting costs and improving management of their Kubernetes environments

Mezmo Telemetry Pipeline now features capabilities that help companies understand, optimize and respond to telemetry data. Mezmo Data Profiling categorizes data so teams can understand where their data originates, what it contains, and how to pull signals out of the noise. Such an understanding helps determine strategy for data reduction, metrics transformation and data routing — sending the right data in the right format to observaability tools. Mezmo Responsive Pipelines can be configured to respond to changes based on specific conditions, such as during an incident when capturing more data is critical or during data drift in source systems.