Mezmo Unveils Data Profiling and Responsive Telemetry Pipelines for Kubernetes

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 6, 2023 — Mezmo, a leading observability data platform, today unveiled data profiling and responsive pipelines for Kubernetes telemetry data. Now, site reliability engineers (SREs), platform engineers, and other infrastructure teams can understand telemetry data clearly, optimize with ease, and respond to incidents rapidly — ultimately cutting costs and improving management of their Kubernetes environments.

Enterprises are overwhelmed by the deluge of telemetry data — logs, metrics, traces, and events emitted by hundreds of systems. This data, though fundamental to the work performed by SREs, is voluminous and cryptic, and managing it often drives up costs and makes it difficult to maintain service level objectives. Teams are wasting too much time, money, and resources as they work to make sense of the data, and as they route it to various analytics systems, they may not even be sure what they are processing and storing is the correct data. This is especially true for complex systems like Kubernetes.