SalesTechStar Interview with Craig McAndrews, Vice President of Sales at Mezmo

By Paroma Sen On Mar 5, 2024

While latest enhancements in AI can transform the modern sales experience; it is crucial to keep in mind that AI still can’t replace human judgement; Craig McAndrews, Vice President of Sales at Mezmo comments further:


Welcome to this SalesTech Series chat, Craig. Tell us about your B2B sales journey and what inspires you most about being in sales.

My career began on Wall Street, but my fascination with technology led me to transition into the financial technology sector, specializing in consulting and implementations. However, I quickly discovered that my true strength lay in understanding business challenges and using technology to solve them rather than implementing or managing the tech. Inspired by observing successful salespeople, I realized that effective sales is about acting as a consultant and working with customers to find solutions.

Fueled by curiosity, I spent several years working with various emerging technologies reshaping industries, including search engine marketing, customer experience analytics, eCommerce, infrastructure and security as code, AI, and now telemetry pipelines and observability. What inspires me most is being at the forefront of these technologies and witnessing their transformative impact on businesses. Additionally, I value the opportunity to build strong business relationships along the way.

How in your view can modern sales teams build better business and client relationships? What works well in the B2B tech market?  

Sales teams in the B2B tech market can enhance business and client relationships by positioning themselves as trusted advisors. In the emerging technology space, it’s important to establish ourselves, our team, and our company as someone who can help clients navigate challenging and uncertain times.