Storage and Networking Bytes: Elasticsearch Logging Goes Kubernetes

LogDNA, which offers an ultra-scalable distribution of the open source Elasticserach log management system that is based on Kubernetes, this month unveiled version 2 of its LogDNA Agent. According to product manager Andrew Konoff, the new V2 agent was built to handle file logging “in even the most intensive Kubernetes deployments.” The company chose to develop the new agent in the low-level language Rust, which it says makes it “far more reliable” than the V1 agent. It also consumes fewer resources and has the ability to track “even the most minor, rapid changes to file logs,” Konoff writes in the LogDNA blog.LogDNA provides a centralized repository for ingesting, storing, and analyzing logs gathered from applications developed with a variety of language (Ruby, Java, PHP, etc.), running on a variety of cloud and on-prem sources (Linux, MacOS, and Windows, etc.). It supports multiple ingestion methods for logs, including syslog, code libraries, AWS, Google Cloud, and an ingestion REST API, in addition to the aforementioned V2 agent, which installs on Kubernetes systems.