Building for
the future
of tech

Tips from mezmo CEO, Tucker Callaway.

The last year has been unlike any other in many ways, and yet it feels very familiar. From a business perspective, 2020 felt a little bit like 2001 when the dot com bubble burst, and a little bit like 2008 when the Great Recession decimated businesses across the globe. In each of these dark periods, I've watched great businesses and individuals respond with intention, agility, and grit. Now, we’re in a period of rebuilding and I see businesses more focused than ever on optimizing for the future. Here’s what it will take to build the next generation of great tech.

Be Efficient

As in 2001 and 2008, I see businesses today taking
an honest look at the foundations they're built on.
Here are some ways to optimize for efficiency:

Availability zones or
specific locations
Shorten your development cycle  
and bring new products to market faster
Integrate security sooner in the SDLC  
and prevent costly breaches
Choose Products for
DevOps Workflows

If your company has adopted a DevOps mindset
or is taking steps towards improving how your
development, operations, and security teams
work together, you must choose tools that will
reinforce this culture of collaboration.

Adopt tools that dev, ops, and
security teams can use without
extensive training
Assign ownership of tasks that often
exist in the gaps between teams
Enable developers to
manage their own
logging and monitoring
Think Small

The only way that the enterprise can compete
with startups born in 2021 is to think like they
did when they were just a few folks in a garage.
To “think small” you must:

Test ideas. Give teams the freedom to
test a concept and iterate rapidly
Land and expand. If establishing a CI/CD pipeline across
your entire company isn’t a realistic Q3 goal:

a. Start with a few small teams
b. Give engineers the autonomy to adopt and validate a new process or tool
c. Celebrate the wins, and...
Pivot when needed. This is the cornerstone of thinking small
whether  you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company

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To learn more about how mezmo is improving observability, chat with a solutions engineer.