Are Fed Up With
Expensive And Laggy
Security Solutions

Security threats are at an all time high, but many companies can’t afford to store the data to ensure fast incidence response. The folks at The Harris Poll talked to more than 200 engineering professionals who are responsible for observability and log data management. Their findings show that organizations are increasingly fed up with expensive and laggy security solutions. Let’s dive into the data to find out why.

Security solutions are expensive

of enterprises are limiting the amount of data that enters SIEM systems due to cost.
indicate that limiting the volume ingested into SIEM systems slows their incident response.
say that the volume of logs they send to their SIEM results in cost overruns.
of organizations report dropping of data – further complicating security matters.

Security Information and Event Management
(SIEM) solutions can’t handle modern scale

agree that seeing
security events in real time is
critical in delivering faster
incidence response.
say that the volume of logs they currently send to their SIEM results in system latency.
of enterprises say that the volume of logs they currently send to their SIEM makes it hard to separate the signal from the noise.

Solve it with Streaming

of organizations say that routing of security events is a challenge for their teams.
of enterprises are interested in the ability to stream log data to other services.
want to stream log data directly to their SIEM service.
Log data is the largest, and arguably most important, observability data. It underpins all applications and systems.

Yet, despite the perceived value of all of this data and the hype around observability, the vast majority of observability data remains dark. It's wasted and expensive.

Mezmo Streaming lets enterprises ingest all of their log data to a single platform and then route it for any enterprise use case.

This new feature takes full advantage of Mezmo’s unparalleled ability to quickly ingest petabytes of structured and unstructured data, normalize it, and have granular control over storage to manage costs and meet compliance needs. It’s ideally suited for use cases in cybersecurity and enterprise-level application delivery where real-time access to data can deliver dramatic outcomes.

Unlock the power of your observability data