Enable security, operations, and development teams to collaborate in building secure, reliable applications.
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The Rise of DevSecOps

There’s a call throughout the industry to shift security left in the software development lifecycle, expanding the DevOps methodologies that have been growing in adoption for more than a decade. DevSecOps is based on the idea that security is not an afterthought. Rather, it is a collaborative process that must be integrated from the start of the development process. To make this collaboration possible, every team—from security to development to operations—needs tools and a common language to communicate and succeed together. Observability is crucial forDevSecOps, and Mezmo gives everyone in your organization the ability to unlock the power of your telemetry data.

According to a survey conducted by Palo Alto Networks, 45% of highly prepared companies have embedded security into the DevOps processes and 41% integrate security in at least four stages of the development lifecycle.

Benefits of log management in DevSecOps

Better control

With all machine data in one place, it is easier to identify when something goes wrong, shortening long test cycles.

Real-time awareness

Real-time awareness of risk, enabling teams to address defects before they become a big issue.

Efficient Development

Mitigates risk earlier in the development cycle, avoiding rework and delays.

Get Control

Ingest & Parse

Mezmo automatically parses major log line types on ingestion. Sampling, aggregation, and filters provide key insights, faster. Mask sensitive data with encryption processors.


Presence and absence Alerts to notify you when something’s not right.
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Intuitive, powerful querying so you can easily find the logs you need and make sense of them.
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Enable Context

Customizable Views

Understand your usage with custom views so that you’re always in the know and can manage or stop ingestion as needed.

Boards, Graphs, and Screens

Aggregate and visualize critical log events to identify trends. Learn more.

See All Logs in Context

See valuable metrics and events alongside logs via Kubernetes and OpenTelemetry integrations so that teams can pinpoint issues faster without switching between tools.
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