Get the most important telemetry data to the teams that need it.
  • Accelerate business insights
  • Reduce data clutter and costs
  • Resolve problems faster


Get the most important telemetry data to the teams that need it.
  • Accelerate business insights
  • Reduce data clutter and costs
  • Resolve problems faster


Understand Your Kubernetes Telemetry Data in Less than 5 Minutes: Try Mezmos New Welcome Pipeline
Gartner® Report: Telemetry Pipelines Elevate the Handling of Operational Data
Gatepoint Research Pulse Report: Telemetry Data Strategies

Only with Mezmo Telemetry Pipeline

Increase Data Utility

Get insights that help you exceed your SLOs

Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary data to dramatically reduce costs

Get Deeper Insights

Surface critical information to help decision-making

Accelerate Resolution Times

Get the understanding you need to solve problems quicker

Improve Security Posture

Route vital data to your SIEM to improve protection

Ensure Data Compliance

Be certain that you will not expose protected information

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By taking back control of your telemetry data you can surface new business insights, close visibility gaps, and facilitate team collaboration. There are three parts to successfully controlling your data:


"Mezmo helped the Sysdig team to achieve an 80 percent improvement in the time it takes to access and use log data."
Mark Breitung, Senior DevOps Engineer at Sysdig

Ventana Research

"Through 2025, three-quarters of organizations utilizing telemetry data will have invested in observability pipelines to improve time to detection and resolution based on machine logs, traces and metrics."
Matt Aslett, VP & Research Director
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"Mezmo gives us the ability to release something with good automated test coverage and the ability to see errors, perform discovery, and analyze the situation to troubleshoot."
Ethan Langevin, Senior Engineering Manager at Better
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Mezmo recudes costs

Reduce costs

Filter, dedupe, and consolidate telemetry data to keep only what you need. Reduce the data burden on your observability platforms to eliminate unexpected overages. Route low-value data to low-cost storage platforms, just in case. Reduce chatty log data to meaningful metrics to extract useful information.
Mezmo improves team collaboration

Improve team collaboration

Route data to the correct team to break down silos and eliminate paralysis. Send security events to your security team, alerts to ITOps, and application metrics to your app team. With Mezmo, you can get critical information to the right team, no matter where that data was collected.
Pick platform favorites on Mezmo

Pick platform favorites

Enhance the observability environment you already have by taking control of your data. Mezmo’s Telemetry Pipeline routes data to and from a variety of popular platforms. If you like Splunk for SIEM, Datadog for cloud workloads, or Prometheus for metrics - Mezmo makes them all work better.
Resolve problems faster with Mezmo

Resolve problems faster

Search mountains of log data in seconds to get the answer you need. Use Live Tail to see and search logging in real-time. Enrich data with business context to understand where and how to fix problems. Easily tabulate, plot, and chart data to help understand and deliver clear reporting.
Eliminate toil with Mezmo

Eliminate toil

You have more important things to do than calculating compute or storage requirements or performing open-source code maintenance. Mezmo gets you the observability answers you need without the toil. Automatically scale the infrastructure and data retention as your requirements grow. Stay in control of your consumption, with no hidden surprises.

Unlock the power of your Telemetry data