Empower everyone with
data insights

Easily centralize data form any source and route to any destination. Combine data in motion with historical insights to provide a more complete picture of your environments.
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The success of DevOps
rests on Observability Data

With a complete view into applications, deployments, and more, teams feel empowered to deliver outcomes faster, as opposed to trapping that data in unnecessary siloes. Successful DevOps organizations must set their data free, make it actionable, and accomplish it without sacrificing costs.

Enriched and correlated data helps you make decisions faster

Automatic and custom parsing makes data instantly actionable. Enrich and correlate data across domains to give teams confidence to make decisions fast.

Let data flow without sacrificing your budget

Powerful exclusion rules ensure you only pay for the data your need. Index Rate Alerting and Usage Quotas protect you against runaway data management costs.

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