Drive Actionability with Real-Time Intelligence

Unlock the power of your data with Mezmo’s Observability Pipeline. Ingest, transform, and route data to teams so that they can take meaningful action in real time.
Observability Pipeline Chart

Control, enrich, and correlate data to drive actionability

Mezmo helps organizations derive more value from their observability data. Centralize data from various sources via our open platform, apply out-of-the-box and custom processors to make that data more actionable, and route that data to end destinations for further analysis, including Mezmo’s Log Analysis platform. Mezmo’s Observability Pipeline helps you:

  • Reduce costs associated with managing observability data at scale without decreasing observable surface area. Learn more.
  • Optimize data flows from a central control point to ensure usability at each destination and modernize workflows. Learn more.
  • Enable compliance by applying various processors based on the needs of everyone in the organization. Learn more.
  • Reduce MTTD and MTTR with best-in-class analysis features that allow teams to take action faster.
    Learn more.

Simplify Access and Control

Our open platform lets you centralize your data from any source. Out-of-the-box integrations across many sources and data types make it simple to collect any data. Process and transform data in real time and route to multiple destinations. Stream data to SIEM for further analysis, or a data lake for compliance. Comprehensive intelligent rules optimize data flow without increasing complexity and IT spend.

Actionable Insights

Get real-time intelligence with data enrichment and correlation for data in motion. Mezmo adds context and provides insights needed to analyze data in motion. Powerful processors such as Sample, Filter, Dedupe, Route, Parse, and Transform provide data fidelity and compliance, all while ensuring you are only routing the insights you need, helping save on costs.

Faster Time to Value

Our flexible solution fulfills various observability use cases. An easy-to-use UI and seamless onboarding and best-practices speed up implementation.  Native Log Analysis allows you to take action sooner.


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