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Automatic and Custom Parsing

Mezmo automatically parses major log line types on ingestion and offers Custom Parsing Templates for everything else.

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Filter your logs based on app, host, or cluster.

Live Tail

See your logs from any source instantly.



Search your logs with simple keywords, exclusion terms, chained ANDs and ORs, and date ranges.


Use Presence and Absence Alerts to monitor system and application activity or generate an Alert from a saved View in PagerDuty, Slack, or with a Custom Webhook.


Save Views to access common Filters & Searches. Share them across teams to keep the need to know, in the know.

Boards and Graphs

Use Boards and Graphs to visualize your log data over a time period to better analyze your system’s activity and identify trends.

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Spike Protection

Understand and manage increases in your logging through Index Rate Alerting and Usage Quotas. Gain insight into anomalous data spikes to quickly pinpoint the root cause of an increase so that you can choose to store or exclude contributing logs and set limits on the volume of logs stored.

Usage Quotas

Usage Quotas

Set daily or monthly limits on the volume of logs stored. A hard quota lets you set a specific threshold to stop retaining logs and a soft quota triggers pre-defined exclusion rules to throttle the volume of logs being retained.

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Index Rate Alerting

Receive notifications if the volume of indexed logs in your organization grows unexpectedly. You can monitor the index rate of logs with a fixed threshold as well as detect anomalous increases.

Powerful Exclusion Rules

Manage log volume by storing what’s important
and excluding what’s not.


Forward your logs to S3 or any other object storage for compliance or later review.

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Log Data Restoration

Bring archived data back into the Mezmo UI for easy viewing, searching, and compliance.

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Flexible Retention Tiers

Use Variable Retention to save logs for only the time they’re relevant to maximize different use cases and avoid unnecessary costs.

Case study

Mezmo enables developer productivity

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See how MANTL uses Mezmo, formerly LogDNA, for JSON-based logging so that their developers can get in, get what they need from their logs, and get back to creating an application for the future of banking.

Mezmo, formerly LogDNA, is recognized by G2 Crowd

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Case study

Mezmo improves visibility

IBM cloud

In 2018 LogDNA, now Mezmo, partnered with tech giant, IBM, to become the sole logging provider for IBM Cloud. Since then, Mezmo has grown to support thousands of users from IBM internal teams and external enterprises and is deployed in eight multi-zone regions across the globe.

Mezmo, formerly LogDNA, is recognized by G2 Crowd

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