Modern ObservabiliTY Platform
for Real-time Intelligence

Unlock the power of your data with Mezmo’s observability platform. Ingest, normalize, and route data to DevOps, ITOps, and development teams so that they can take meaningful action in real time.

Mezmo is here to help data flow with unprecedented freedom.

Our platform creates a live stream of observability data from all sources that pulse around an organization. 
It enriches that data with relevant context and makes it possible to take action while it's still in motion.

And, we keep things fluid with an open platform and integrations so every enterprise can build the solution that works for them.

Mezmo’s platform enables insights 
to reach where they matter most.

Mezmo, formerly LogDNA, lets organizations control, enrich, and correlate data across domains to drive actionability. Purpose-built for modern engineering teams—including developers, SREs, IT Operations, and Security Engineers—
the Mezmo platform is trusted by thousands of companies
for SaaS, cloud, and hybrid applications.

Simplify Access
and Control

Flexible Retention Tiers and Log Restoration

Use Variable Retention to save logs for only the time they’re relevant to maximize different use cases and avoid unnecessary costs. Bring archived data back into the Mezmo UI for easy viewing, searching, and compliance.
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Open Platform

Easily centralize logs from any source using the Agent, Syslog, Code Libraries, the Exporter for OpenTelemetry, or APIs.

Take action on your logs in real time with Mezmo Log Analysis, archive for long-term retention, or stream them to any destination, data lake, or SIEM.
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Protect Your Budget Against Runaway 
Logging Costs

Manage log volume by storing what's important and excluding what's not. Use Index Rate Alerting to be notified of spikes in ingestion and Usage Quotas to set limits to the number of logs stored.
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Intuitive, powerful querying so you can easily find the logs you need and make sense of them.
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Boards, Graphs and Screens

Aggregate and visualize critical log events to identify trends.
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Log Alerts

Presence and absence Alerts to notify you when something’s not right.
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Kubernetes Log Enrichment

See your Kubernetes logs in context to empower any team with the information they need to troubleshoot Kubernetes apps.
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Improve Actionability
with Correlation

Data Visualization

Aggregate and visualize critical log events to identify trends with Boards, Graphs, and Screens.
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Data Correlation

Correlation rules and algorithms enable in-pipe analysis.

Custom Alerts

Create presence and absence Alerts to notify the right person in the right channel when something’s not right.
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Modernize your
observability platform

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