LogDNA in the News

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    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    We recently raised $1.3 million to keep building out our intelligent logging system, and even received some press about it! Here's a summary in case you missed it:

    Venture Beat:LogDNA raises $1.3 million to help engineers better manage their servers

    Entrepreneurs Chris Nguyen and Lee Liu recently had a “Slack moment” when they realized a tool they had built for their ecommerce company was more valuable than their original product. That formed the basis of their new startup, called LogDNA, which specializes in server management for engineers and people working in DevOps. Today, the company announced it has raised $1.3 million in funding from Initialized Capital and Skype cofounder Jaan Tallinn. Read more...

    Betakit:LogDNA raises $1.6 Million CAD to become "the apple" of logging systems

    After Ryerson University grads Chris Nguyen and Lee Liu snagged the chance to go to join Y Combinator as part of its Winter 2015 cohort, the two packed up from Toronto and moved to Silicon Valley to work on Answerbook, an ecommerce solution meant to better target shoppers with highly-personalized emails. Read more...

    TheNewStack:LogDNA Aims to Make Logging More Predictive with Machine Learning

    LogDNA, one of the newest entrants into the already crowded market for infrastructure log management systems, aims to help companies take a proactive approach to server logging by applying machine learning to detect IT problems. Read more...