We Built LogDNA Templates So You Don't Have To

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    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    With an ever growing list of infrastructure improvements, new features, and issues to debug, setting up your observability tools to keep up with best practices can fall down your list of priorities. There’s simply not enough time to set up new dashboards that can give you the visibility you need to be proactive with your infrastructure.

    That’s why we’ve developed the LogDNA Template Library, a growing collection of Views, Boards, and Screens templates to simply install into your LogDNA account with just a few clicks at no extra cost. Using a template from the Template Library allows you to quickly get your LogDNA account set up with best practices without having to fiddle with log line formats, alert conditions, or figuring out which metrics to plot. Our templates serve as a starting point that’s easily customizable and expandable based on your needs.

    We’re launching three templates, and we plan to continue growing our library. If you’re interested in browsing specific use cases for each template, check out each template’s docs below to learn more. Our current templates include:

    You can browse the LogDNA Template Library in-app here.

    In app view of template library

    The Template Library can help you track P95 response times, HTTP 500 requests, crashing Dynos, or excess Windows Server login attempts with minimal set up. All templates in the Template Library are configurable after installation so it’s easy to expand, alert on, and customize the items included in the Template Library.

    Click here to get started with the LogDNA Template Library. Getting insights out of your logs has never been easier.

    Got Feedback?

    Have an idea on other apps we should support out of the box? See a visualization we left off? Please let me know at michael.shi@mezmo.com. We’re looking forward to delivering more templates to meet your observability needs.

    Michael Shi


    Michael was a Product Manager at LogDNA for developer experience. Michael loves engaging with our users, tinkering with dev tools, and delivering delightful products.