Mega Product Update

    4 MIN READ

    It's been over 3 months since our last product update, so if you thought the last product update was big, we've got even more good stuff in store for you!

    Embedded Views

    After a couple of months hard work, embedded views are now available! Embedding a view allows users outside of your LogDNA organization to view a specific portion of your logs. Use cases include:

    • Building custom dashboards for your internal teams
    • Providing user-specific event logs to your customers
    • Showcasing the inner workings of your product

    ​For full details on how it works and how to get started, check out our Embedded Views guide.

    Emails, Domains, and OAuth - Oh My!

    By popular request, we've added the ability to allow team members to join your LogDNA organization by matching an email domain. Combined with the new require Google OAuth option, team management is now a breeze! Both of these features can be found on the Manage Team page.

    New log ingestion features

    Believe it or not, all of our newest ingestion improvements came directly from user feedback. You can now set an env parameter to designate environment in our code libraries and REST API, authenticate syslog ingestion via structured data, and even send up metadata via our improved Java Logback community library (compliments of @robshep).

    New UI features

    While there's a whole host of UI changes, we just wanted to highlight a couple of important ones. We've improved the rendering of nested fields in the context menu, as well as added the ability to click on a field value and perform a search on it. In addition, we've also added a new time marker with useful jump-to-time defaults, as well as the ability to add a description to your Views! You can find it all in the LogDNA web app.

    Other improvements

    • Changed 'Account' to 'Organization' for improved clarity (under Settings)
    • Added option to select or deselect all in the Levels filter
    • Fixed duplicate logs for Kubernetes v1.6+
    • Fixed dynamic group loading for extremely large dynamic groups

    Phew, I know that's a whole lot of changes, but we hope you like them. We really do rely on your suggestions to inform our product improvements, so thank you for all your feedback, past and future. To logfinity and beyond!