The Mezmo Agent is Open Source

    4 MIN READ

    The Mezmo, formerly known as LogDNA, agent is a program that automatically reads files and uploads log lines to your Mezmo account. The Mezmo agent is required to view your logs in the Mezmo web app and runs quietly in the background.

    Can I trust the agent?

    Yes! But if you want to check out how the agent works under the hood, take a look at the agent's Github repository. Essentially, the Mezmo agent authenticates using your Mezmo agent key and opens a secure web socket to Mezmo's ingestion servers. It then watches for changes to log files specified in the agent configuration. Those changes are uploaded to to Mezmo via the secure web socket in the form of log statements.

    Building from source?

    The compiled binary for the Mezmo agent is available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Heroku. We'll continue to expand this to other platforms, but in the meantime, you can download the source code and compile it for your platform. Contact us if you have questions.

    Found something?

    If you think you've found a bug or missing feature with the Mezmo agent, please let us know! Search our issue tracker to see if someone has already reported it. If they haven't, click here to open a new GitHub issue, and fill out the template with as much detail as possible.

    Like to code?

    While we pride ourselves in quickly responding to issues, if you just can't wait, we encourage you to try making the change yourself. Just fork the Mezmo agent GitHub repo  and start coding away! When you're finished, open a pull request (PR) and we'll review your proposed changes. Check out our contributing guide for more info.