Peter Cho

August 20, 2019

Peter Cho is the VP of Product Management at Mezmo, a leader in logging for multi-cloud, on-premise, and Kubernetes. Previously, Peter served as VP of Product Management at, where he led product development on a cloud-native developer tools marketplace, building out a series of APIs, integrations, and dashboards while simultaneously scaling up the partner ecosystem from scratch. As the Head of Heroku’s Ecosystem Program (a Salesforce company), Peter owned and scaled a partner ecosystem of 150+ third party vendors and developed partnerships with Facebook (via Parse) and Slack to increase mutual developer adoption. He has also advised a number of developer-focused companies including Ionic, SendGrid and Twilio on how to build and scale their own developer ecosystems. Peter holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of San Diego.


LogDNA Student Account in The Github Student Developer Pack

LogDNA Student Account in The Github Student Developer PackLogDNA Student Account in The Github Student Developer Pack

LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

As a student, developing your software engineering skills is about continuous learning and practice. When building software in the real-world, developers are expected to be proficient with a variety of tools and stacks. Internships, class and personal projects provide great opportunities for students to gain the experience needed to become more effective.  We're excited to partner with the GitHub Student Developer Pack to create the LogDNA student account and help students access another tool for their development.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many developer tools are cost-prohibitive particularly when on a student budget.  In particular, logging tools can become quite expensive and just not realistic for students.  The Github Student Developer Pack offers a variety of deals on world-class developers tools free of charge so that students can start learning by doing and gain professional experience. Students can sign up for LogDNA through the pack and claim up to 50GB/month of log storage with 14 day retention, for one year, for free. Whether it’s a class or a personal project, students can start using logDNA and gain more experience with log management and monitoring tools which are a vital piece of any software system.  

Sign up now for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and start using your LogDNA student account!  

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