LogDNA Announces New Log Management Capabilities on IBM Cloud

LogDNA Announces New Log Management Capabilities on IBM CloudLogDNA Announces New Log Management Capabilities on IBM Cloud

LogDNA enables developers to quickly locate faults and debug code within terabytes of data on the IBM Cloud to reduce downtime.LogDNA today announced a new management capabilities offering that enables developers to troubleshoot coding bugs and quickly fix development errors in applications, potentially saving businesses millions of dollars in development hours, downtime and associated revenue loss. IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA integrates LogDNA services to allow developers to aggregate all their log data across applications in the IBM Cloud. LogDNA features such as Live Tail, multi-channel alerting, and natural language queries enable developers to more easily query, filter and gain insight from their log data, helping them quickly identify and resolve issues to reduce downtime and quickly fix performance issues."As businesses’ application and cloud environments grow, they shouldn't have to sacrifice service availability while the IT team processes vast quantities of log data,” said LogDNA co-founder and CTO Lee Liu. “IBM Cloud customers will now be able use management capabilities to find, debug and fix production issues in their applications faster than ever before so there’s no lag in service for the end users.” IBM Cloud developers will be able set up and configure their log sources and retention plans directly within their IBM Cloud console. LogDNA’s fast, responsive, and intuitive interface will provide users with the ability to view and search through their logs to effectively find and isolate issues within the applications they build and run on the IBM Cloud."The availability of LogDNA on IBM Cloud offers leading cloud-native log analysis capabilities," said Jason McGee, Vice President and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform. “Our clients can now more quickly gain insights from their increasingly complex cloud applications.”For more on the LogDNA and IBM Cloud integration, read IBM's latest blog post.

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