Replicating and Restoring LogDNA Account Configurations

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    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    Now you can replicate and restore account configurations with LogDNA Export Configuration. As an engineer who has set up logging for more than one deployment or environment, you know that you usually have one logging account per deployment. You’ve got plenty of pre-created queries, graphs, and alerts set up specifically for your company’s use case, all of which are vital to you know the health of your infrastructure.

    Now imagine being responsible for creating and maintaining logging accounts across 10+ deployments. You’d have to manually recreate these saved queries, alerts, graphs, etc, across these 10+ new accounts. This is a painful exercise, not to mention the high chance of human error as you do this manually.

    Maybe one morning you find that a team member has messed with your alerting setup, but you’re not sure which ones were altered. How can you restore an earlier version of your LogDNA account to ensure alerts are working properly?

    To tackle this pain, LogDNA is releasing the Export Configuration feature where you can easily recreate all views, boards, alerts, exclusion rules, and parsing templates across new LogDNA accounts.

    Main use cases:

    • Replicate existing account configuration to multiple new LogDNA accounts across your organization
    • Move from a staging LogDNA account to a production LogDNA account
    • Restore account configuration

    Use our Export Configuration feature to export views, boards, alerts, exclusion rules, and parsing templates into a JSON file and then import this file to a different LogDNA account, allowing you to quickly recreate your configurations across different deployments.

    To restore account configuration, keep a copy of your exported JSON file and use the ‘replace’ option during import to restore the previous configuration. Make sure you keep a current copy of the exported config file.

    You can find the Export Configuration feature under the Manage Organization page, under the Account Config section (/manage/profile). Only admins will have access to this feature.

    Pro tips:

    • You can export from the same account and REPLACE in the same account, but not add. This prevents accidental duplications of views/graphs/etc in the same account.
    • Importing the same config file twice to one account will double up everything that has been exported to the JSON file, except categories.
    • You can’t export alerts without views, because alerts are attached to specific views. You can export views without alerts though.
    • There is a 10-minute timeout between imports to the same account to prevent collisions from multiple team members trying to import to the same account at the same time.
    • If an exported config file is modified in any way, the import will fail.
    • There is no expiration on the JSON file, so feel free to keep a copy to restore your settings if your account configuration ever gets messed with.
    • Log data will NOT be exported through this feature.

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    Replicating and Restoring LogDNA Account Configurations
    Check out the docs here.