Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2022: A Gartner® Report

Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2022: A Gartner® ReportTop Trends in Cybersecurity 2022: A Gartner® Report

Is DevSecOps a Trend in Cybersecurity?

Gartner recently released a report highlighting the top trends in cybersecurity for 2022. They discuss how businesses must reframe their security practices, rethink their technology, and adopt new responses to modern threats. This is in line with DevSecOps trends that we see in the market and hear about from our customers. Companies that are working in this way are taking a more holistic approach to cybersecurity by adopting tools that speed up and, when possible, automate security. They’re also putting the systems and processes in place to ensure that developers can implement security throughout the software delivery lifecycle and that IT operators and security engineers are aligned to business objectives. 

Mezmo Observability Pipeline

Gartner recommends that, “security and risk management leaders who wish to better understand new risks should prioritize tools that are able to interoperate and provide more complete implementations of standards.” At Mezmo, formerly LogDNA, we’re working on a new pipeline product that allows organizations to do just that. 

With Mezmo Observability Pipeline, users can centralize all of their log data from multiple sources; parse, normalize, and enhance it in Mezmo; and then stream it wherever they need—for example, to Mezmo Log Analysis for troubleshooting and debugging, to a SIEM for security, or to a data lake for compliance. By shifting the control point left to the pipeline, companies that are operating with a DevSecOps mindset can standardize and structure their data and route the right information to the right team in real time. 

If you’re interested in learning more or participating in the private beta of Mezmo Observability Pipeline, contact an expert at Mezmo.

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