Deciding Whether to Buy or Build an Observability Pipeline

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    In today's digital landscape, organizations rely on software applications to meet the demands of their customers. To ensure the performance and reliability of these applications, observability pipelines play a crucial role. These pipelines gather, process, and analyze real-time data on software system behavior, helping organizations detect and solve issues before they become more significant problems. The result is a data-driven decision-making process that provides a competitive edge.

    The decision to build or buy an observability pipeline solution can have a significant impact on an organization's ability to deliver value. Building an observability pipeline from scratch offers technical control and customization, but can also be time-consuming and costly. On the other hand, pre-built observability pipeline solutions offer faster time to value, improved scalability, and lower costs, but may lack customization options.

    We created a comprehensive evaluation of four key considerations in Maximizing Your Observability Pipelines: The Build vs. Buy Debate:

    • Software Costs: The cost of acquiring and implementing the necessary software to build and host your observability pipeline, including purchasing licenses, subscriptions, and other related software fees
    • Hosting: The costs associated with hosting your observability pipeline, including server and storage expenses, maintenance and upgrades, and any other hosting-related costs
    • Operations: The operational costs of maintaining and running your observability pipeline, including staffing and training expenses, tech support, and other operating costs
    • Support: The cost of obtaining technical support and assistance for your observability pipeline, including helpdesk support, professional services, and training and education expenses

    This analysis gives you essential information to make a decision that optimizes your observability pipeline to achieve your business goals.

    Get the full white paper and take the next step in driving your business forward.

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