ICYMI: Feature Updates

    4 MIN READ

    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    LogDNA is always looking forward and constantly developing new and innovative solutions to the problems developers and enterprises face as they manage their logs and data. 

    Here’s a recap of our latest product releases and info on how you can get your hands on them. 

    Log Data Restoration

    Providing easy access to historical log data presents challenges that can adversely affect your teams’ productivity, budget, and more. To address this, we announced the private beta of Log Data Restoration on LogDNA. This feature allows you to restore archived log data back into LogDNA so that you can quickly view and search it.

    Our early access program is open to current LogDNA users on an enterprise plan who want to try out this feature and provide feedback. If you’re interested, fill out this form and a member of the LogDNA team will be in touch.

    Control APIs

    Flexibility when it comes to controlling log data is extremely important. We know this. That’s why we added 4 new APIs to help you programmatically configure your LogDNA accounts. Now you can use APIs to:

    • Start/stop ingestion
    • Query usage
    • Configure Archiving
    • Set Exclusion Rules

    To learn more about each of these new APIs, and how to use them, check out this blog post. The APIs are currently available to all users. 

    Betas and Early Access

    LogDNA Streaming lets you ingest all of your log data into a single platform and then route it for a variety of enterprise use cases. With it, you can get vital log data in real time, regardless of source, destination, use case, or scale. We are looking for users who want to participate as design partners and members of the technical advisory board. Sign up here.

    Variable Retention allows you to retain specific logs only for the amount of time that they’re valuable, ensuring that you can give teams access to the data they need without incurring hefty overage bills. Those interested in trying out and giving feedback on Variable Retention can sign up here.

    With every new feature release, we ensure complete control over your data while making it easier to process, route, ingest, store, and analyze. Stay tuned for our next feature releases on our blog and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.