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Introducing Mezmo Edge: A Secure Approach To Telemetry Data

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    Mezmo Edge enables users to deploy telemetry pipelines and process data in their own environment. A significant advancement in Mezmo’s capabilities, Edge is especially useful when working with sensitive medical or financial records. Organizations that need to comply with PCI, GDPR, or CCPA or that generally work with PII will benefit from Edge’s secure approach to data protection. Edge also provides the telemetry data optimization benefits of a pipeline without cloud data egress charges.

    Simply selecting “Edge” when configuring, the new Pipeline will deploy to your Kubernetes cluster - it’s that simple! Edge Pipelines are managed as any other Pipeline using the Mezmo environment.

    Unlike alternative edge solutions that require the time and effort to deploy the entire pipeline solution on-prem, Mezmo gives you the best of both worlds. Mezmo’s Edge Pipeline is deployed to any Kubernetes cluster using a Helm chart with a single command, while the Mezmo cloud handles all metrics and management. You get all the time-saving benefits of SaaS without any data leaving your environment.

    Benefits of Mezmo Edge

    • Deploy pipelines in your own environment or take advantage of the Mezmo cloud for the same pipeline - it’s a straightforward configuration option.
    • Have your pipeline send or receive data within your environment - no need to punch holes in the firewall to move data.
    • Deploy rapidly with a Helm Chart while getting the advantages of a SaaS to manage the metrics and configuration.
    • Redact sensitive PCI and PII  information from logs within your environment, improving security and compliance.
    • Reduce or eliminate cloud egress costs while getting telemetry pipelines' data transformation, optimization, and security benefits.
    • Send syslog directly to your Edge Pipelines without any additional security plugins.
    • Leverage the full power of regular expressions (regex) within your pipeline.

    Mezmo’s SaaS centralizes the management of Mezmo Edge Pipelines while the customer’s data remains secure in their environment

    Common Use Cases

    The use cases for an Edge Pipeline are the same as for typical telemetry pipeline deployments; however, Edge Pipelines deliver additional benefits by being deployed in your environment.

    Data Optimization

    The telemetry data ingested by your observability platforms can often be reduced by 50% or more without losing data fidelity. This reduction can have a direct cost saving for your observability platform spend that typically changes based on ingress volume.

    Telemetry pipelines can reduce data volume by filtering, aggregating, deduping, and converting events to metrics. This efficiency gain has added benefit in a cloud environment where moving data and especially egressing from the cloud service incurs direct costs based on data volume.

    Secure Redaction of Sensitive Data

    Log data may contain sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII), social security numbers, account numbers, financial data (PCI), and a multitude of other content that must not be exposed. Mezmo helps you find and remove sensitive information by processing the telemetry data in a pipeline. Redaction of Sensitive Data is a popular use case of telemetry pipelines - but performing this pipeline function without the data ever leaving your environment is an added benefit.


    Mezmo Edge takes telemetry pipelines to a new level, facilitating secure data processing within your environment. With one simple step, Mezmo can deploy Edge Pipelines to your Kubernetes cluster, eliminating the challenges of moving data to and from a SaaS. Mezmo Edge allows data optimization and sensitive data redaction with added benefits. It's an ideal solution for enhancing telemetry pipelines while maintaining data privacy and control.

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