NightDragon’s Dave DeWalt Joins LogDNA Board to Advance DevSecOps Vision

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    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact that our platform has on DevOps teams. 

    Both customers and employees have high expectations for superior functionality and unparalleled user experiences. Software teams are churning out more code than ever before in support of the growing demand for digital services and applications, and this rapid development brings increased risk for security vulnerabilities and software flaws. Having secure code is imperative, and there is an industry-wide call to shift security left into DevOps practices

    This movement to DevSecOps is driving massive demand for solutions that enable cross-team insight and collaboration. Every team — from security to development to operations — needs tools and a common language to communicate and work together to ensure the health and security of their applications. 

    It’s this intersection where LogDNA delivers substantial value. By providing critical, real-time data right into developer workflows, teams are empowered to more quickly resolve problems and mitigate risk earlier in the software development life cycle. 

    Answering the Growing Demand for DevSecOps Tools

    Growing demand for DevSecOps methodologies and platforms and the role LogDNA plays in solving key challenges represent huge opportunities for market expansion and scale. In support of this effort, we are thrilled to welcome security industry veteran Dave DeWalt to our board of directors, where he will serve as vice chair. 

    Dave brings more than 25 years of industry experience, most notably serving as the CEO of FireEye, McAfee, and Documentum, where he collectively drove more than $20 billion of shareholder value. As founder and managing director of NightDragon, he now invests and advises the world’s most innovative cybersecurity, safety, security, and privacy companies and also sits on the board of directors for leading companies like Delta Airlines, Five9 and Optiv.

    In addition to expertise, Dave brings the power of the NightDragon network and advisory capabilities. The venture capital firm has led many companies to greatness, including Forescout, ObserveIT, Five9, Jask and Jive. NightDragon's rich network of companies and industry relationships will provide a massive advantage for LogDNA as it scales to execute on its vision. 

    The Next Horizon

    At LogDNA, we understand the power of machine data as a critical resource to drive business impact and create superior customer experiences. We are building solutions that enable the frictionless consumption and actionability of this data by anyone—from the application developer to the security engineer to the business line executive. Simply put: We empower people who create the solutions that shape the world.

    Today, the LogDNA platform delivers critical, real-time insights seamlessly into developer workflows, driving dramatic gains in productivity that ensure developers spend less time troubleshooting their apps and more time building new products and features that move their businesses forward. And, as new types of structured and unstructured data sources explode—and new data consumers expand—we see the power of handling all types of data from every type of application to meet the needs of developers and businesses. 

    For example, our customer Sysdig has been able to reduce the time it takes for them to access and use log data by 80%. And this is just one of many use cases where we give developers time back in their workdays for innovation, not administration. 

    The challenge we are solving isn’t unique to developers—it persists across the enterprise. In the race to innovate, develop rapidly and support new work models, businesses face a massive data pipeline problem. Not all data is equal. Companies need control over how to get the right data to the right person, at the right time, and this is precisely where LogDNA unlocks the true value of data. 

    Legacy solutions weren’t built for this moment. Bloated platforms with cloud functionality bolted on lack the ability to scale, perform, and integrate data from the plethora of sources in a modern enterprise. Teams shouldn’t have to make tradeoffs when it comes to having access to the data they need to fully understand what is happening in their environments.

    LogDNA is among a unique class of companies. With the ability to hyperscale and connect to a host of cloud and developer tools, we are winning because we meet major pain points while empowering companies to create their own best products—adding unprecedented value to businesses. With support from Dave DeWalt and NightDragon, we will continue to expand our use cases and accelerate our market traction.

    Tucker Callaway


    Tucker Callaway is the Chief Executive Officer of Mezmo. Tucker has more than 20 years of experience selling enterprise software, with an emphasis on developer and DevOps tools. Prior to Mezmo, Tucker served as CRO of Sauce Labs and Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Chef. He holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.