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Enhance the Value of Your Data With Mezmo’s Observability Pipeline

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    Organizations of all sizes rely on their observability data to drive critical business decisions. Production Engineers across Development, ITOps, and Security use it to understand their systems better, respond to issues faster, and ultimately provide more performant and secure user experiences. But while the value of observability data is well understood, teams struggle to derive value from it. Modern development paradigms (cloud environments, microservices architectures, and more) have led to an explosion of data. But teams are often handcuffed to inflexible and expensive proprietary solutions to manage that data. With data volume and complexity increasing, use cases expanding, and budgets remaining static, visibility is decreasing. There needs to be better control and more context that makes data actionable to give you the most value. 

    Teams across the organization need to easily centralize data from multiple sources, transform it to drive actionability, protect their budget, and empower everyone to manage that data with appropriate oversight. Doing so gives them actionable insights and triggers they can use to enhance agility, efficiency, and security.

    Mezmo has discussed such challenges with customers, and we realized we have a unique position to solve them with our technological foundation. That is why we are excited to unveil our new Observability Pipeline solution. This foundational platform centralizes data from multiple sources, provides processors to transform that data to make it more actionable, and routes it to ensure that it ends up in the right place for further analysis. When combined with Mezmo's best-in-class Log Analysis product, teams are more empowered than ever to take action on that data while it is still in motion.

    Let's dive into how Mezmo's Observability Pipeline accomplishes this: 

    Managing Data Access and Control

    When it comes to managing data, the first challenge that teams often encounter is the sheer amount of effort it takes to collect it. A team could also have their data scattered across various systems and applications, potentially leaking during movement or going undetected, further exacerbating the issue. With all this data bouncing from application to application and system to system, filtering out the noise from the necessary data to drive business decisions is complicated. Additionally, the sprawl of data not only makes controlling your storage challenging but can result in you potentially spending more on your data than the value you are getting. This data and value loss is because you can't accurately compute the cost of your logs or keep track of what you need and don't. 

    Mezmo Observability Pipeline ingests data from any source, such as HTTP, Syslog, the Mezmo Agent, and others. Our control features simplify the management of multiple sources and destinations while protecting against runaway data flow to enable you to manage your spending. 

    Using our Observability Pipeline, you could reduce the number of tools needed for log management and ingestion. Additionally, you'd increase your visibility and access across teams, be able to manage and predict your spending, and potentially optimize the time your teams spend on acting on the data as opposed to wasting cycles looking for it. 

    Transforming Data for Actionability

    The second major issue that teams run into is that, depending on where the data is (or comes from), it isn't always instantly usable by those who need it. It might not be in a usable format, missing valuable context, or even lost in a sea of data noise. This factor delays or outright prohibits teams and businesses from making decisions when needed, like during threat detection and response. 

    Tip: Understanding where your organization is on the path to observability helps identify gaps so you can get more business value from your data investments. Check out our blog post and learn more about where you are in your observability journey.

    Our pipeline contains several processors to enrich and transform data to support various use cases. Easily filter and trim data to better uncover signals from noise (and even save on costs), encrypt to meet compliance requirements, and more.

    Routing to Multiple Destinations for Various Use Cases

    A team that can control, secure, and access their data is excellent. Being able to use it when they need it is superb. However, this is where teams encounter the two questions that comprise the third issue that they commonly face: 

    • For what use cases are teams able to use this data?
    • What if teams need to send the data somewhere else?

    Luckily, Mezmo's flexible and easy-to-use pipeline provides the control you need to ensure that the correct information flows into the right systems in the proper format for analysis, minimizing costs and enabling new workflows. Ultimately, this allows you to take action on your data across various use cases, such as compliance and regulation, security, engineering and testing, and more. 

    You also can route data to our best-in-class log analysis solution, where you can take advantage of several features. These features include search, alerting, and visualization capabilities, which augment and analyze data in motion, delivering intelligent, actionable insights to mitigate risk and make decisions faster. 

    How Mezmo Adds Value

    So what does all of this mean for your organization? There are a few ways Mezmo's Observability Pipeline can help you unlock the power of your observability data:

    1. Cost Reduction: Cutting log volume by removing duplicate events and filtering for specific log types to be dropped from the stream can drastically reduce how much you're spending on your data. Plus, we only charge you for the data you keep. 
    2. Data Flow Optimization: Mezmo enables teams to augment data flows and transform data into consumable formats for each destination, ensuring a seamless experience for data consumers.
    3. Ensuring Compliance: Mezmo's encrypt transformation can hide PII to be decrypted by specific team members as needed once it hits the end destination.
    4. Reducing MTTD and MTTR: Mezmo lets you aggregate data from any source, making it searchable from an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, our auto and custom parsers, enrichment, correlation, and alerting capabilities make that data more actionable. 

    Help Your Data Do More With Observability Pipeline

    We've built on the foundation of first-generation pipeline solutions that emphasize data aggregation and routing. Using our expertise in making log data actionable, we created a solution that helps organizations better control their observability data- delivering increased business value. 

    Talk to a Mezmo Solutions Specialist or request a demo to learn more about the Observability Pipeline.

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