Deploy Log Analysis with LogDNA and Activity Tracker with LogDNA Faster on IBM Cloud

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    LogDNA is now Mezmo but the product you know and love is here to stay.

    First published on on December 19, 2019.

    Written by: Charles Comiskey, Product Manager - IBM Cloud

    We are making it easier than ever to deploy LogDNA on IBM Cloud

    Today, we are announcing the availability of LogDNA services on IBM terms and opening a new data center location for business in the US-East region.

    LogDNA is now available on IBM terms

    IBM and LogDNA are announcing the availability of IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA and IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA on IBM terms. For clients already on IBM terms for other services in IBM Cloud, this addition will simplify your business acceptance of the LogDNA offerings. Now, you can leverage existing BAA agreements with IBM when HIPAA workloads are run on IBM Cloud:

    • Existing service instances will not require any changes to move to IBM terms.
    • The same service instances and billing part numbers will continue and transition to IBM terms.
    • Beginning January 10, 2020, LogDNA terms will be withdrawn from IBM Cloud.

    Service description for both services.

    Availability in the US-East region

    Throughout 2019, IBM and LogDNA have been growing the regional presence of the Log Analysis with LogDNA and Activity Tracker with LogDNA offerings. Effective immediately, these offerings will be available in US-East.

    US-East adds to the existing regional deployments today that include: US-South, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, Tokyo, and Seoul. By adding US-East, you now have an alternative US-based region to US-South.

    Experience LogDNA on IBM Cloud today

    IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA allows you to capture your application and environment logs, filter out noisy or irrelevant log lines, alert, search, and archive your log data. LogDNA recently announced LogDNA Screens, enabling you to build real-time dashboards with highly interactive graphs, including Counters, Gauges, Tables, and Time-Shifted Graphs. You can now configure and quickly see meaningful summaries of your log data for problem triage, debugging and other insights.

    IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA allows you to capture how your application is interacting with IBM Cloud. This allows you to investigate abnormal activity and critical actions, as well as comply with regulatory audit requirements. The service captures and shares events from many IBM Cloud services today. Similar to Log Analysis with LogDNA, you can filter, alert, search and archive your Cloud Activity Tracking event data. Screens can be used for at-a-glance status from aggregated event data.

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