IBM Fast Start 2019: Event Recap

IBM Fast Start 2019: Event RecapIBM Fast Start 2019: Event Recap

Having recently launched IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA, we were excited to attend Fast Start in both New Orleans and Madrid as a proud partner of IBM Cloud.  As a new addition to IBM Cloud’s sales kickoff, the Fast Start 2019 event offered a Business Partner expo hall to showcase solutions and support available to IBM sellers. It was a huge success as we had great conversations and useful sessions for all the attendees that came by.

IBM Fast Start

Fast Start 2.0

Activation is not your average sales kick-off experience. IBM enables sellers with role-based tracks geared towards the persona & sales cycle, to empower and inspire. The various tracks shared everything from traits of a modern seller to new IBM cloud product offerings along with third-party partners. There was even a session on mindfulness grounded attendees by reminding them to be present and connect to their experience as a whole while building awareness through interactions.

Product demonstrations of our fast, modern, and intuitive platform were on display at our booth in both New Orleans and Madrid. Norman Hsieh, VP of Business Development at LogDNA, along with IBM Cloud representatives, presented a live demo and hands-on lab to show how to start ingesting logs into IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA.

logdna log management and analysis

All 90+ session attendees were able to use LogDNA to seamlessly create dashboards, setup custom alerting, and connect to team collaboration tools like Slack. It was great to hear the excitement and feedback from the IBM sellers we met about this new generation of Log Analysis on the IBM Cloud. Highlights include LogDNA's quick setup time, flexible retention plans on IBM Cloud, and the option to archive directly to IBM Cloud Object Storage.

logdna ibm cloud fast start session

Looking to sign up for IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA? Sign into your IBM Cloud account, click on the Observability tab and you will find LogDNA as the first option. Next week, If you are attending IBM Think 2019, drop by Booth #598 to connect with our team and see all the modern, powerful logging features the platform has to offer.

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