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Modernize Telemetry Pipeline Management with Mezmo Pipeline as Code

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    Adapting to efficient ways to build and control pipelines is vital to businesses aiming to ensure streamlined data operations and maintain a competitive advantage.

    That’s why we’re introducing Mezmo Pipeline as Code—a transformative approach to pipeline management.

    Dive into Mezmo Pipeline as Code

    With Mezmo's new functionality, users can construct and oversee pipelines as code, sidestepping the traditional UI for deployment. Currently in beta, Pipeline as Code provides:

    Streamlined Configuration & Management

    With Mezmo Pipeline as Code, you can tweak and adjust your pipelines. Simple keystrokes replace per-instance configuration management. This not only enhances adaptability but also fosters a collaborative environment, where coding can be peer-reviewed and components from one pipeline can be effortlessly repurposed in another.

    Scaling & Version Control

    Harness the power of tools like git, allowing changes to be scalable and managed efficiently. This new approach ensures ease in tracking changes and maintaining consistency across different pipelines with a central location for tracking code changes, ensuring a straightforward process that provides a holistic view of pipeline operations.

    Plays Nice(r) With Developers and SREs

    With tools like Terraform, Site Reliability Engineers and developers can work directly in code, adding flexibility and efficiency while upholding core SRE principles, from meeting Service Level Objectives to accelerating the implementation of changes.

    Intelligent Automation Leveraging Terraform

    Developers' lives are made easier as they can now launch telemetry pipelines as code in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployments like Terraform rather than going into a separate UI. This facilitates a more streamlined software development process.

    Pipeline as Code: A Unified Approach

    Mezmo Pipeline as Code reshapes pipeline management and deployment. It promotes transparency and accountability while seamlessly integrating into tools teams already use. This accelerates workflows, reduces cycle times, and presents opportunities for further automations and integrations, ensuring a cohesive pipeline management experience.

    Are You Ready to Lead?

    Step into the future of agile and efficient pipeline management with Mezmo Pipeline as Code. Dive in and discover the difference.

    April Yep


    April has several years of experience in the observability space, leading back to the days when it was called APM, DevOps, or infrastructure monitoring. April is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Mezmo and loves cats and tea.