ICYMI: KubeCon North America 2022

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    Last month we had the pleasure of setting foot in Detroit, Michigan for another KubeCon. 

    The Mezmo team joined 7,000+ people in the Huntington Place Exhibit Hall in the Motor City for Kubecon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022 from October 24-28. Visitors from both the cloud-native and Kubernetes communities came from all over the world to network, sample products, and learn about solutions to some of the worlds most pertinent software problems while furthering the education and advancement of cloud native computing.  

    Between the exciting keynotes and workshops, vibrant booths and displays, endless swag, immersive events, and sheer number of people, the event was a blast. 

    Here’s a recap of the Mezmo KubeCon experience.

    Meet Mezmo

    A lot of people hadn’t seen us as Mezmo (at least not in person) prior to KubeCon, so this was the perfect opportunity to show off our new brand look and feel

    We hit the ground running with matching Mezmo apparel and a full display of charged yellow and grounded green- a beacon of energy for all in the exhibit hall to see.


    We also handed out a ton of swag. In addition to giving out socks, pins, and stickers, we held raffles for pickleball sets. We also gave visitors the opportunity to win a nice pair of headphones. And during afternoon breaks, we especially liked giving out our branded pop rocks to help “charge” attendees up with a little kick of sugar!

    It's Pickleball, y'all!


    We welcomed our booth visitors with an assortment of Mezmo swag.


    Observability Pipeline Launch

    In conjunction with our new look, we proudly unveiled the Mezmo Observability Pipeline, our cloud-based platform designed to enable production engineers to  control, enrich, and correlate their observability data across all domains to drive actionability. 

    Our Observability Pipeline provides value in a number of ways, empowering users by giving them:

    • Access and Control: Observability Pipeline ingests data from any source, and makes it easy to set up dynamic routing rules to various destinations to optimize data flow, improving efficiency and reducing cost. Our control features simplify the management of multiple sources and destinations while protecting against runaway data flow to enable you to manage your spending.
    • Transformed Data for Actionability: Our solution contains several processors to transform data to support various use cases. Easily filter and trim data to better uncover signals from noise (and even save on costs), encrypt to meet compliance requirements, and more.
    • Derived Value from Data Faster: Mezmo got its start by making data more actionable with our best-in-class Log Analysis solution. With an intuitive user interface, and features that let you easily take action on data while it is still in motion (such as search, alerts, and visualizations), your teams can feel more empowered to make decisions faster.

    Scott, our Technical Product Marketing Manager, gives a live demo of Observability Pipeline to some interested booth visitors.

    Visitors at our booth were not only able to talk to our product specialists to learn more about Observability Pipeline and its business value but also see it in action through the live demos that we held throughout the event. 

    For more information on Observability Pipeline, check out our blog post on the launch. 

    To see it in action, you can request a demo with our team. 


    While the booth crawl and keynote speakers were amazing, conventions wouldn’t be conventions without the parties that come with them. So we threw an afterparty! 

    What’s better than your average afterparty, though? 

    An afterparty on a boat.   

    So we got a boat! 

    Enter Kubecruise.

    Mezmo and over 800 registrants sailed along the Detroit River in the Detroit Princess Riverboat, enjoying a night of food, festivities, and networking with other KubeCon attendees. Whether you spent your time on the second deck dance floor with the DJ, top deck looking at the captain guide the ship under the stars above the Detroit sky, at the bar or food tables, or on your way between any of the three, there was enough fun for everyone, and the event was a huge success. 


    We appreciate everyone who came out to party with us.
    We’d also like to extend a special thanks to Gremlin, Finout, Sysdig, Dynatrace, GitLab, LaunchDarkly, and Snyk for helping us host the event. 

    Thanks for an Amazing Event

    This year’s North American KubeCon was a fantastic event, and we were so happy to be able to take part in it both in-person and virtually. Next year, the Mezmo Team will be in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois as part of KubeCon North America 2023

    We hope to see you there!

    TéJaun RiChard


    TéJaun is the Content Manager at Mezmo. He enjoys video games, traveling, photography, language learning, and front-end development when he's not working.